Heed our cries

Councillor Mark Kleinschmidt, Kenwyn

I was incensed to learn about the horrific trauma suffered by children on the Cape Flats who have spoken out vehemently in respect of the gang violence tearing their communities apart.

It is an outrage that when gunshots are heard the children are taught to “hit the deck” and lie flat on the floor!

The children have turned to writing to the national government.

The SAPS and policing is a national competency which governs the deployment of resources. It is evident that the Western Cape is under resourced, with the average ratio,in townships at 1:628.

The DA held a march, led by leader Mmusi Maimane, from Manenberg through Gugulethu ending in Nyanga (the murder capital of the province), calling on national Police Minister Bheki Cele to send in the army to support SAPS.

Mr Maimane’s plea has fallen on deaf ears. In gang-infested areas, children cannot engage in normal behaviour such as going to school, doing homework or playing in public parks for fear of being hit by stray bullets.

Media reports place the tally at more than 60 children slain through gang violence thus far.

Dear Minister Cele, heed the anguished pleas and protestations of our children, and send in the army now to avoid further senseless fatalities! As a community, we are gatvol!