Hear our voices

Pictured are pupils taking part in an activity called the Global Cafe, where they discuss key questions that they themselves had posed to the WCED. They had to find solutions which was shared with the WCED. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled for the end of September to look at an action plan for 2019 and beyond.

■ Pupils from various district Representative Council of Learners (RCL) forums engaged with the Western Cape Department of Education’s (WCED) head of education Brian Schreuder and Education MEC Debbie Schafer on Youth Day, Saturday June 16. The WCED launched the Provincial RCL Forum at Oude Molen Technical High School in Pinelands, giving pupils a chance to have their voices heard. All eight education department districts were represented, including pupils from Beaufort West, Diazville and Swellendam. This process is part of the WCED’s programme of engagement with key stakeholders in education including pupils, teachers, parents and the broader community. An anti-bullying video, which was produced by WCED, was shown, which forms part of its strategy to combat this scourge that is ravishing schools.

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