Have your say on traffic-calming proposals

Proposed traffic-calming measures for Claremont, Pinelands and Salt River are out for public comment. File picture: Picture: Bongani Mbatha/African News Agency(ANA)

The public has just under a week to comment on proposed traffic-calming measures for Claremont, Pinelands and Salt River.

If approved, St Michaels Road in Claremont will get two new speed humps, a raised pedestrian crossing for the Crescent and Princess Path in Pinelands and a speed hump for Kipling Street in Salt River.

Ward councillor Katherine Christie said she and the City’s transport department had received many requests for speed bumps in roads, owing to the reckless and negligent driving.

“Taxi drivers tend to ‘rat run’ along routes not designated for them, in order to bypass traffic jams, particularly in the early mornings. Queen Victoria is often used for this, as it runs parallel to Imam Haron Road. Hence, we put in a raised intersection at the Queen Victoria/Miller Road intersection in the 2023/23 financial year, and this was well received by the community. Cook and St Michael’s roads are just further west. I wish that we could all be more responsible and considerate and moderate our behaviour,” she said.

Jenny Calder, who is the heritage and environment executive member of the Greater Lynfrae Civic Association, said a few residents had complained of speeding and reckless driving in that area.

“St Michael’s Road is a busy road which feeds into the Claremont Primary School, and there are many residents who walk their dogs, nannies who walk with prams and children, small children riding bicycles, who either walk on St Michael’s Road or cross it. The speed bumps are being placed at an awkward intersection where there have been a few accidents recently,” she said.

The affected roads were mostly near schools, hospitals, old-age homes and other vulnerable road users, but installation of the proposed measures depended on available funding, said mayoral committee member for urban mobility Rob Quintas.

“These proposed traffic-calming measures will enhance road safety for all road users, which is a top priority for the City,” he said.

Ward councillor Riad Davids said he had received many requests for traffic-calming measures in Pinelands.

He said the Crescent and Princess Path had been identified because it was a busy intersection on a blind corner adjacent to Cannons Creek Independent School.

Cannons Creek executive head Angus Morton said: “We would obviously welcome any measures put in place that increase the safety of our pupils and those from other schools in the area.”

The public can view the designs and the list of affected streets at www.capetown.gov.za/haveyoursay and use the reference 110222314 to submit comments. These can be sent on the City’s website or email Transport.News@capetown.gov.za