Halloween fun

What fun was had by the children in the Lynfrae area on Monday in the late afternoon and evening. The costumes and make-up were inventive and a joy to see.

I know SA is following the American tradition of recognising Halloween, but why not? It’s a great way of getting families together; and moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers turned out in numbers to accompany their little ones on the trick-or-treat journey.

Some were dressed up too!

Following my own tradition, I made some 100 meringues and wrapped them ready to hand out to witches, ghosts, fairies, ghouls and so on.

Within 20 minutes, my “treats” were gone! Some disappointed little faces looked up at me when the last meringue was taken.

I quickly removed the balloon at my gate, indicating that my house was no longer open to the parade.

For more than 90 minutes, hordes of fancy-dressed little ones wandered past in search of treats.

How many others ran out of “treats” and left the later little visitors with nothing to pop into their Halloween buckets and bags?

I felt so sorry for the kids who came later and didn’t “score a treat”.

They, too, had taken time to dress up, don make-up and venture out with their folks.

What is the solution? I certainly could not have catered for that amount of children. I only hope that those who set out later found other homes which had only just opened up to the fun and were rewarded for their efforts.

In closing, I must congratulate the children on their good behaviour, friendliness and great manners. Well done.