Group aims to create powerful deaf movement

Tracy Ann Duncan and Reyhana Agherdien get the ball rolling for the launch of their non-profit, Deaf Confidence.

Mrs Deaf SA 2018 Tracy
Ann Duncan and the former head girl of Mary
Kihn School, Reyhana Agherdien, have come together to establish Deaf Confidence, a non-profit for the deaf community of South Africa.

The launch of the organisation will take place at Mary Kihn School for the deaf, in Observatory, on Saturday March 9, from 9am to 12.30pm.

The members of the NPO, which consists of Reyhana and Tracy Ann and six other board members, want to help the deaf community find ability in their disability.

Tracy Ann, who was born profoundly deaf, says Deaf Confidence is a perfect example of a unified South Africa.

“There is not just one deaf. We are multicultural and diverse. We have this special ubuntu within our team, where each member feels valued,” she said.

Reyhana wasn’t born completely deaf but rather hard of hearing.

“I want people to know that they are worthy. They are enough. They should use their talents to serve the deaf community and empower themselves,” she said.

Tracy Ann says she always had a dream of creating a powerful movement for deaf people, while Reyhana, who has done frequent fund-raising, says she wanted to bring her events and catering experience to the NPO.

“We hope to break the stigma that deaf people can’t do anything, just because they cant hear. Misconceptions are ignorant. We are actually very resilient,” says Reyhana.

Tracy Ann, who grew up on the Cape Flats, will be travelling
to Russia in July to represent South Africa at the Miss and Mr
Deaf International pageant. The launch in March will include a meeting of Mr and Mrs Deaf South Africa, motivational talks, a cupcake workshop and many other activities.

There is no formal fee, but visitors are encouraged to take donations for the Mary Kihn School.

For future events and further details about the launch, follow Deaf Confidence on Facebook and Instagram.

“People must start hashtagging the word on social media. We would love for it to be a hype throughout South Africa and the world. #DeafConfidence,” said Tracy Ann enthusiastically.