Greyladies celebrate 80 years of charity

Reverend Terry Lester lighting 14 candles in remembrance of the 14 women who were part of the order of the Greyladies Association at the St Saviours Church in Claremont.

The Greyladies Association, an Anglican church charity, has celebrated 80 years of helping the needy in Cape Town.

A special service was held at St Saviour’s Church on Sunday to mark the occasion.

The Claremont-based organisation is known for running feeding schemes and education and youth support projects (“Greyladies are still on the go,” Southern Suburbs Tatler, November 17, 2016).

At Sunday’s service, Reverend Terry Lester, from St Christ Church, lit 14 candles in memory of the 14 women who came from England and became the founding members of the Greyladies Association.

Reverend Lester, who is also the chairperson of the organisation, said the association was carrying on the legacy of those women.

“To encourage young people, give them hope in their dreams, to enable them with a little bit of help from the resources that we give them to take the next step in their lives,” he said.

Sindiswa Vuyelani said the Greyladies Association helped her when she fell pregnant at 15.

“They assisted me with paying for care facilities for my baby at the time. It gave me the opportunity to go back to school and continue with my studies, that was the turning point and a life-changing experience for me,” said Ms Vuyelani.

She now works in UWC’s finance department.

Jerry Fortune, a member of the Silver Star Club, which was formed by the Greyladies Association, said: “A leader is what they shape me to be.”

To find out more about the Greyladies Association, call 021 671 0820 or visit