Going for gold

Jeffrey Julies.

The Oasis Association in Claremont is proud that one of its residents will be competing in the Special Olympics, starting tomorrow in Abu Dhabi. Jeffrey Julies, 46, from Belhar, is one of several South African athletes with intellectual disabilities representing the country. He has been part of Oasis for 27 years and, according to Oasis spokesperson Fazlin Fransman, is one of 370 intellectually disabled people at the organisation’s two protective workshops. “Very often people form stereotypes of what people with intellectual disabilities can and can’t do. Jeffrey’s story highlights what is possible for people with intellectual disabilities, if they are given the opportunity to realise their potential,” said Ms Fransman. Mr Julies who stands at 1.85 metres tall, will be participating in the 100m walk for men, the standing long jump and the 50m walk for men. Mr Julies, pictured, is currently overseas preparing for the competition so was unavailable to comment.