First-day thrills

Wesley Practising School teacher Raa-Iqah Mohamed with her new Grade 1 pupils.

Some 1.2 million pupils headed to school across the province for the start of the 2023 academic year on Wednesday, according to the Western Cape Education Department. They included 92 000 Grade 1s and 96 000 pupils starting their first year of high school. The Tatler visited schools across the southern suburbs to capture all the “first day” excitement.

Wesley Practising School Grade R pupil Abongwe Nombila with her mother, Sivu Nombila.
Grade 3 Dryden Street Primary School pupil Mogamat Cassiem Adams, left, supports his brother, Grade R pupil Mogamat Nur Adams, on his first day, accompanied by their mother, Naielah Adams.
Grade R Dryden Street Primary School pupil Simonthy Lulaka on her first day with her mother, Pretty Lulaka.
Grade R Holy Cross pupils on their first day.
Grade 1 Holy Cross pupils settle in with their class teacher, Feroza Ryklief.
Vine School Grade 1 girls happy to be together, from left, are Hannah Fletcher, Alyssa Els, MacKenzie Sudao, Sydney Martin, Gemma Schomacher, and Sophie Mulligan.
Vine School pupils Annabelle Kroon, left and Anna Cameron are full of excitement for their first day of Grade 1.
Wesley Practising School Grade R pupils Isabella Spelman and Dione Ithowa looked full of confidence on their first day. Isabella was accompanied by her father, Vieira Andre, while Dione was accompanied by his mother, Divine Ithowa.
Grade R Wesley Practising School pupil Israh Toyer accompanied by her mother, Asheeqah Achmat, on her first day.