Fibre cables installed neatly

Dave Levene, Claremont

Some people are given to complaining about everything just because they are bitter and unhappy, some because they are addicted to drama, and others perhaps by a need to get their names in the papers, but those whiners who are finding fault with Octotel’s recent installations are true Luddites who probably fall into all three categories, and maybe more besides.

In live in Harfield and have watched the work being done quickly and efficiently – opened, installed and closed in one day, and never on both sides of the road at once – and restitution of the pavements has been done really, really well, and within two weeks.

Where verge gardens have had to be dug up, these have been put back the same day.

Pavements have been done very neatly and, in most cases, look a lot “better” than they did before.

Where there was existing damage, the contractor has repaired or dug up and replaced entire pavements. In one case I know of, where paving bricks were stolen between digging and planned restitution, they returned with new paving and made good.

So at the end of it all, the only real grounds for complaint are that some (very much the minority) verges which have “illegal” flower beds were left a little the worse for wear.

I’m sure readers can understand it’s impossible to rehabilitate a garden instantly, and in view of the current water situation, yes, they are going to take a bit of a hit. Sorry, but you shouldn’t be growing plants there in the first place.

Grass verges are pretty much dead anyway so there is no real difference. And, no, it’s not the council’s responsibility. Care of verges was handed to homewoners many years ago by a change in by-laws.