Family mourns drowned toddler

20-month old Connor Weber drowned in a bucket of water used for water saving.

Rondebosch couple Daniel and Debbie Weber are mourning the loss of their son, Connor Weber, who died after falling into bin being used to save water.

The couple were at work on Monday December 4 and left their daughter and 20-month old Connor in the care of their nanny.

Noticing that Connor was missing, the nanny went looking for him and found him in the bin of water.

According to ER24’s Russel Meiring, Connor’s heart was still beating when he was rushed to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, where he later died on Sunday December 10.

“It is believed that the toddler had apparently fallen into a bin filled with water. Paramedics arrived on the scene and treated him. Life support intervention was used before he was transported to
a nearby hospital,” said Mr Meiring.

The family held a memorial service for Connor on Tuesday December 12 in Keurboom Park, Rondebosch, underneath a big tree which was described as one of Connor’s favourite places to be.

His father spoke emotionally at the service and said no parent should go through something like this before recounting special moments spent with his son.

Mr Meiring urged adults to not leave infants around any body of water unattended.

“It doesn’t need to be a large amount of water, a child who can’t crawl can drown in a shallow bath,” he said.

– Additional reporting by the Cape Argus.