Fake couriers arrested

Fake smartphones were confiscated by Access Park security.

Three men were arrested after they allegedly posed as courier-company staff and tried to sell fake smartphones to Access Park customers.

Access Park’s head of security Bilal Sheik says he noticed two men wearing courier-company uniforms and name tags on Wednesday January 22.

He got suspicious when he saw one of the men wearing the name tag of one company on a shirt bearing the name of another company.

“From a distance I noticed that they only approached luxury vehicles and would speak briefly to the occupants.”

Mr Sheik approached the two men and confiscated a plastic bag holding the fake smartphones, then he quickly radioed for back-up.

The men were taken to the park’s security office.

Security then picked up a third man who was found with a carrier bag holding a counterfeit smartphone and accessories.

Mr Shiek said the man had also been seen trying to sell things to Access Park customers.

Four counterfeit Samsung S10+ smartphones and accessories were recovered, and the suspects were handed over to the police.

Claremont police station commander Colonel Maree Louw Claremont said the men were arrested for the possession of counterfeit goods.

Colonel Louw warned the public to be cautious when buying cellphones and jewellery from people on the street.