Exhibition tells story of hope through light

Guests viewing the art works.
Kendi Kimathi with the painting inspired by her.
Sam and Lee Osner.
Jadyn Robinson with the painting of her.

A new fine art exhibition titled, Memoirs of Light, is currently on show – featuring Leica Ambassador, Ramzi Mansour, along with acclaimed father and daughter artist duo, Martin and Samantha Lee Osner.

Guests were treated to an exclusive VIP viewing by the Osner Gallery last Thursday at The Argyle venue in Woodstock. The exhibition includes 18 new artworks and can be viewed daily from 10am till 5pm.

Commenting on the collection and the inspiration behind the works, Mr Mansour said he challenged himself to move beyond his signature black and white photography to incorporate mixed media.

“I feel really centred about where I find myself in my work in this exhibition. My aim was to create pieces that would showcase the raw vulnerability of the human condition through a modern female aesthetic and ultimately to tell the story of hope through light,” he said. “This has been my own personal journey of growth and evolution, both as a photographic artist and as a human being.” he added.

Samantha Lee Osner’s collection, Précis, combines minimalist photography with mixed media overlays to explore the relationship between humanity and nature. Several pieces portray people as tiny figures in expansive landscapes, capturing the ethereal charm of the natural world and underscoring the unimportance of personal struggles in the broader scope. The collection encourages viewers to reflect on the allure of the environment and appreciate the simplicity and serenity of nature.

Yesterday by Martin Osner is a collection of timeless memoirs, etched deep in the subconscious and coated in nostalgia for positive recollection. The exhibition showcases acrylic and oil paintings on photographic metal substrates, serving as a reminder that viewers can draw strength from their life-lived experiences and not remain trapped in the realities of life.

“These recollections help individuals cope with the challenges of the present and offer hope for the future. The exhibition features snapshots of special moments that evoke a personal, emotive response imbued with nostalgia. From a first summer holiday at the seaside to experiencing the warm light filtering through the canopy of a quiet forest on a perfect afternoon or a memory of a special person who spoke a moment of truth that influenced their life, the artworks are reminiscent of that perfect memory of one’s life,” he said.