Estate agency gives coding school space to log on

The new second-year campus of WeThinkCode located on Albert Road, Woodstock.

WeThinkCode got a boost for Mandela Day last month when a real-estate firm allowed the non-profit to use its empty office space in Woodstock for free.

WeThinkCode offers free IT skills training to talented candidates between the ages of 17 and 35 regardless of their previous education, financial means or socio-economic background.

It launched its first Cape Town campus at the V&A Waterfront in 2018.

The building in Albert Street will serve as its second-year campus.

Dylan Richts, head of partnerships at WeThinkCode, said the offer came at just the right time. Under normal circumstances, he said, the Cape Town campus could accommodate 180 students across first and second year.

“We have 90 students returning for second year and 150 joining for first year, so even without Covid-19 restrictions, the additional space is beneficial, but with the additional requirements of physical distancing, this space is crucial to ensure we are able to accommodate at least half of our students on campus at any given time.”

With a space provided by the real estate company, free of charge and any obligation, they could offer their students somewhere to work while still meeting physical-distancing requirements.

“For many South Africans, having a safe, conducive, work environment, particularly for those from under-served communities, is not a given, but it is critical to maintain performance in programmes like ours.”

Renovations were being done to the building and should be completed by Monday August 16 for the return of the second-year students, he said.

Visit for more information about WeThinkCode.