Emma collects donations to support dogs

Emma Rasmussen at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in Grassy Park with the items donated through her initiative.

A 12-year-old aspiring veterinarian from Newlands rallied the support of family and friends to collect donations for the Cape of Goodh Hope SPCA during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Emma Rasmussen, with help from her mother, Carol Rasmussen, neighbours and a school friend’s parents collected items including dog beds, blankets, pillows, dog food and dog bowls as well as monetary donations, which they delivered to the Grassy Park based non-profit on Saturday June 27.

Emma, a Grade 6 Oakhurst Primary School pupil, says she was eager to help because people don’t have enough money to look after their pets and are giving them up. “Shelters don’t have enough blankets and food to care for the animals and they need donations,” she says.

Emma says animals make her happy and she has two boxers, Coco and Layla.

Ms Rasmussen says Emma has spoken about becoming a veterinarian since the age of 3.

“It is great that she started this initiative and she is showing compassion for animals now which is good because she wants to be a veterinarian someday.”

Ms Rasmussen says she asked people in her street WhatsApp group as well as the parent’s on the Grade 6 Oakhurst Primary School WhatsApp group to support her initiative.

They received two car boots full of items for the animals.

Their neighbour, Annie Evans, spread the message to her circle of friends who supported the cause. “I managed to send this appeal for donations to the various WhatsApp groups I am part of, and people supported with money, dog food and various contributions,” said Ms Evans.

Margie Alt , a parent of a girl that goes to Emma’s school, also shared the message and managed to collect a boot full of items for the animals.

Ms Alt also assisted in transporting the goods to the SPCA with Emma and her parents.

SPCA spokeswoman Belinda Abraham says this crisis has brought out the best in people. “There are so many animals coming through to the shelter that need help and we are blown away by the generosity of the people,” she says.

“For a young girl like Emma to open up her heart to support the SPCA leaves us full of hope for the future.”

If anyone would like to support the SPCA they can call 021 700 4140 or visit their website on https://capespca.co.za/

Ms Rasmussen says they will continue to support the SPCA and if anyone would like to support Emma with this appeal they can email Carolrasmussen1968@gmail.com .

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