Easter thoughts

Colin Jooste, Observatory

Easter time or the Passover has its genesis in the troika: Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

However, it cannot be seen in isolation of Ascension Day. And this has become a hot potato in Christian circles since the fathers of faith and those in leadership positions have opted to remain silent when some unknown quantity, signed this Holy Day as a nonentity into oblivion, clearly having no idea of the magnitude and importance of the day.

What is disconcerting is the fact that the anticipated outcry by the millions of South Africans who profess to be Christian (nearly 80% of the population), remained silent.

Perhaps it is for the same reason the poet of the following cry to arms decided to remain anonymous: “Up arise Oh Godly Witness and your standard firmly plant,to the world the splendour showing of our glorious covenant.

“In the name of God our Father let us wield the spirit’s sword.

“Oh behold how hellish powers threaten here the Holy place.

“Shall Christ’s church go to destruction under these dark powers sway,no we’ll conquer or we’ll perish.”

Somewhat militant in its presentation and verbalisation but in the same vein with the Revelation of John: “The Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent takes it by storm.”

Sadly none of this fiery resistance were prevalent when the decision was taken to do away with the elevated status of Ascension Day that unambiguously brings a logical conclusion to the troika – in fact it signals the end of Jesus’ mission on earth.

We expected the baptised, believing South African Christian population to mobilise and arise in verbalising their disquiet – to stand up for Jesus and protect His legacy but this sadly didn’t happen.

Easter celebrations are viewed as the holiest time for everyone who have accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour; as the son of God, the one who the Book Revelations reveres as: “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain!”

It commences on Palm Sunday, runs into Good Friday and culminates in Easter Sunday with the resurrection of Jesus from the sepulchre.

The three events as recorded in Holy Scripture are inextricably linked.