Dynamic women honoured

Ren Skyclad gives the Biodanza participants a moment of connection.

In celebration of Women’s Month, the Novalis Ubuntu Institute hosted its annual Dynamic African Women Now (DAWN) event on Wednesday August 17.

The speakers included Marthe Muller, chief operations officer of South African Women in Dialogue, who made an impassioned call for spiritual and technological cohesion as part of the solution for many problems, Aneen Abels, principal of Belthorn Primary School, who through the Novalis Ubuntu Institute’s A Chance for Every Child project has transformed her school, Dr Hannah Berry, a paediatric chiropractor who warned everyone to not sleep on their stomachs to avoid neck problems, and Fiona Gawronsky of Art Reach spoke about the importance of the art in your heart.

Artist Janet Ranson spent the day capturing the memorable moments on her easel, while Fadeela Ally-Schmidt and Fiona Franks gave a poetic touch to the events.

Aniela Raaths led the willing participants through some Pan Eurythmy while Ren Skyclad led the group through a gamut of emotions and experiences in her Biodanza segment.

The women, who gathered to network and promote awakening compassion, are all committed to encouraging or becoming part of a healing transformation of the current cold and disconnected societal and economic practices employed across the world.

They are wanting instead to create a feminine, heart-centred and wiser approach to society and business.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute is a non-profit organisation and combines the Steiner education principles with Ubuntu, the universal spiritual values embraced in African philosophy.