Dynamic David will be missed

Taken on the occasion of David Davidson being elected president of the Cape Horticultural Society (CHS) in July 2016, with CHS chairman Michael Tuffin congratulating him.

Yvonne Reynolds, Claremont

I first met David in 1988 when I started work at Kirstenbosch as the librarian for what was then known as the National Botanical Gardens (“Leaving a creative legacy behind,” Tatler October 18).

I think David was then working as graphic designer/marketing manager at the NBG and had just started his very successful career as designer of the Kirstenbosch/South Africa Chelsea stand. He was also very instrumental in the design and management of the large flower shows at the Good Hope Centre – Flora ’88 and then Flora ’93.

After David left Kirstenbosch to set up his company, Davidson Design Solutions, he continued designing the Kirstenbosch stand at Chelsea, winning a record number of golds. He also designed stands for shows in the Far East. I was in awe of his creative ability, his friendliness and generosity.

I recall he designed our www.PlantzAfrica.com banner for us and I battled to get him to invoice for the work. In fact, I am not sure if he ever did.

For many years, he designed the Elgin Open Gardens posters and brochures and for the past two years his company has done the website too.

This is just a fraction of what he did.

Horticulture in the Western Cape has lost someone who has contributed enormously to its public face/profile over the past 30 years and he will be sadly missed.

* Cape Horticultural Society chairman, Errol Scarr, Pinelands

David Davidson was an “all too brief” president of the Cape Horticultural Society (2016 to 2018) after being a guest speaker for many years following the successful exhibits he master-minded for SANBI.

The use of our indigenous flora, sourced from around the world, plus the wonderful backdrops designed for the exhibits were an excellent advertisement for South Africa as a botanical destination of note.

His talks were always entertaining, informative and amusing as he showed behind the scenes ups and downs in transporting plants and props halfway round the world.

We at CHS will miss the valuable contribution this dynamic man made to the botanical and horticultural world in southern Africa.