Duo arrested for suspected house break-in

Two men were arrested for suspected house break-in in the Mowbray area on Wednesday December 12.

A law enforcement officer, who was on patrol in the area, was informed of a suspicious looking person carrying a big white bag across the bridge spanning the N2.

The officer teamed up with a local security company and went in search of the suspect.

They found a tent on an open field with clothing and other goods.

Four members of the public approached the officers and identified themselves as being from a UCT student residence that was just burgled.

They identified some of the items in the tent as belonging to them.

Three men then approached the group and an altercation ensued.

The officers intervened and arrested two of the three suspects for possession of house break-in implements, burglary and theft.

Screw drivers, knives, scissors, remote jamming devices and car keys were also found in the tent.

Cape Town law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason said, “The collaboration between law enforcement, the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District officers and the Securitas security company resulted in some very dangerous individuals being taken off the streets.”