Dan is in tune with his listeners

Rosebank resident and radio presenter, Dan Corder.

If you are a regular listener of one of Cape Town’s oldest commercial radio stations, chances are that you have heard Rosebank resident Dan Corder on weekday mornings on your drive in to work.

Dan, 24, is Goodhope FM’s breakfast show host, a slot known in the industry as the “glory slot” as the host is seen as the face of the radio station.

Part of his responsibility is creating new and fresh content every day for the listeners.

He said it is important for him to pay attention to the world around him as there are always interesting topics that pop up that can assist in his show.

He sees the show as Cape Town’s property where listeners play a huge role in driving content.

A UCT graduate, who graduated with an Honours degree in literature, he said UCT is also where he got his first opportunity in radio. He was a host on UCT Radio for over a year which gave him the necessary radio exposure to grow in the broadcasting industry which led him to Goodhope FM in 2015.

Dan worked in a variety of roles before ending up in his current position.

In 2015 he became the host of the station’s weekend breakfast show for six months, then in 2016 he was co-host of the station’s brunch time show, where they would feature two new artists every week. In 2017 Dan hosted Beats by Dan, a music show that played from noon until 2pm.

However, Dan’s abilities are not only limited to radio. In 2015, he directed and produced the documentary Luister.

This documentary shed light on institutional racism at Stellenbosch University and also highlighted the institution’s language policy which was predominantly Afrikaans.

The documentary received
10 000 views in one day and since 2015 it gained a total of 397 000 views on YouTube.

It also received foreign media attention from BBC News, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, CNN and Reuters and made the Department of Higher Education and Training pay attention, resulting in the executive of Stellenbosch University having had to appear in front of a parliamentary portfolio committee.

When Dan is not working he enjoys watching sports and keeping fit with running and squash. He loves soccer, following all the top leagues in the world. He also enjoys making podcasts when he is off duty.

His show airs weekdays from 6am to 9am.