Create a safe space for the community

District Six Neighbourhood Watchs Ursula Windsor, left, and Charlene Adonis, show off the watchs banner with Captain Ezra October of Cape Town Central police.

The newly accredited District Six Neighbourhood Watch
(D6NHW) held an open day at Chapel Street Primary late last month to explain its role and the role of other
law enforcement agencies to the public.

“Law enforcement enforces the by-laws, police enforce the criminal laws and Cape Metro police assist police and law enforcement and can issue fines when the need arises,” said watch chairwoman Ursula Windsor.

The watch, which has 30 members and received its accreditation certificate on Tuesday February 25 from the Department of Community Safety, patrols from Searle Street to Chapel Street to Russell Street and also in Hanover Street.

Ms Windsor said residents needed to do more tackle crime in the area.

“Many residents do not report crimes such as drug dealings if their families are involved and they need to take responsibility to report the drug dealings or crime which they see happening.”

Captain Ezra October, from Cape Town Central police, said the watch created a strong link between the community and the police.