Create 24 carat magic in your look

Statement pieces can take a simple outfit to the next level but make sure that the necklace suits the neckline of your shirt.

She said that regardless of what clothing brand you wear, these two pieces would elevate your look.

I took this advice to heart and although a few pairs of lost gold earrings made me revert back to buying the cheaper stuff, I still invest in quality shoes and jewellery which amplify my look.

In the past few columns I mentioned the basics you need to start creating your wardrobe of essentials, using investment pieces which will last you through the ages.

Now, I would like to focus on accessories which are the paint we use to brighten our canvas and add some “glitter” to our outfits.

Where earnings are concerned, a basic pair of pearl or diamond studs (or faux pearl and diamonds) will instantly add class to an outfit.

Whether you’re wearing a little red dress or a poloneck and jeans, for those who like to keep it simple, a pair of classic pearl or diamond studs will do the trick and suit most face shapes.

Hooped earrings are also a good staple to have. They’re more substantial than studs and are always fashionable. The size and colour depend on your taste and what suits your face shape best.

Those who have a round face should avoid hoops and instead opt for a long drop or dangle earring, which will elongate the face and make it look slimmer.

So while shopping for earrings take details such as length, shape and colour into consideration, and think about the outfit you hope to pair it with.

You don’t want your earrings to either take away the attention from your face or clash with your outfit.

Pairing big statement earrings with a flower patterned dress, for example, will give the eye too much to focus on and detract from your look.

Big statement earrings are on trend at the moment as well as asymmetric earrings, which is basically wearing two different earrings which complement each other, so when wearing these, make sure to keep your clothing simple.

You want these earrings to do as their name suggest, and make a statement on their own.

The same rule applies to statement neck pieces. A single colour dress or jeans and T-shirt will pair well with embellished earrings or neck pieces (but don’t wear both of these items together).

When wearing statement pieces, a general rule is to keep your hair sleek and simple because it balances out your look, but for those who have a big natural crown like my own, I find that big hoop earrings or chandeliers work quite well to adorn the face and hair.

Make sure that you balance your make-up with your earrings. If you are wearing a brightly coloured pair, they will look best with simple makeup, such as a bit of blush and hi-lighter/ bronzer, some mascara and clear lipgloss, which is a good light summer look.

Statement neck pieces need to be worn with the right neckline as well. Necklines which show a bit of skin such as an off-the shoulder shirt, which are on trend, scoop necked or V-neck shirt will pair well with these pieces.

Smaller dainty jewellery work well with halter necks or turtleneck sweaters, but I prefer to stick to stud earrings, a statement watch and stacked rings when wearing higher necklines while avoiding chains.

Stacked rings are a fun trend to try this summer, just be sure to not wear stacked rings and bangles at the same time.

Other then that, have fun with your jewellery and don’t be afraid to purchase a statement piece that you normally wouldn’t wear. It may influence your fashion sense for good.

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