Councillors’ greetings

Councillor Mark Kleinschmidt

Mark Kleinschmidt, Ward 60 councillor

My hearty congratulations on the Tatler’s 40th anniversary.

The paper is renowned for its accurate account of community activities and events. Thank you to the journalists for their continued polite interaction with me during their coverage of salient stories and articles.

I wish the Tatler many years of telling the stories and highlighting the plethora of issues in our community.

Happy 40th Birthday and may you continue to have many more.

Brian Watkyns, Ward 53 councillor and Sub-council 15 chairman

Congratulations to the Southern Suburbs Tatler on it’s 40th anniversary. It has become an invaluable part of community life giving weekly news and information.

A special thanks to all the editors, journalists and staff over the years who have had to identify and research stories and articles which would interest readers. Thank you also to those unnamed persons who provide stories but for good reason are not always included.

The Pinelands area was first serviced by the Tatler’s sister publication, known as Pinelands Post. It was first published in January 1984 and ran for 10 years before being combined with the Tatler. We are grateful for the Tatler which continues to print news and information of interest to Pinelanders and the wider area.

In recent times, there have been changes in the media and in the way information is disseminated. Despite the growth of social media and internet news, the Tatler has not only maintained its place in the print media but has also embraced the internet with its own web page giving more immediate news.

Dave Bryant, Ward 115 councillor

Congratulations to The Tatler on your 40th anniversary.

The Tatler plays a very important role in the local community by providing insightful stories of local interest. With so many challenges to the media landscape at present, the journalists at The Tatler have continued to fly the flag high with quality content and objective journalism.

Thank you to all the journalists and editors who have served the community with such distinction over many years.

I have no doubt that The Tatler will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Sharon Cottle, Ward 58 councillor

It is with a sense of great appreciation that I extend to The Tatler my heartiest congratulations on the momentous occasion of its 40th anniversary.

These milestones are not achieved without hard work, unselfish commitment and dedication on the part of the editorial team and support staff spanning over four decades. As ward councillor, I have always valued my relationship with The Tatler and I want to recognise and acknowledge the paper for the role it plays in connecting the community by giving readers the opportunity to have their voices heard.

I wish you a successful 40th anniversary celebration and may your readership keep growing as The Tatler continues to shine a light on local matters.