Councillor comparing apples and pears

Delia Scott, Newlands

It is clear from his reply to my letter (“Traffic rule makes no sense”, Tatler, May 3) that councillor Ian Iversen does not know his Montrose Street from his Rudolph Street, though they both lie prominently within his ward.

My letter was chiefly about Montrose Street, and only mentioned Rudolph Street as a way of indicating where it led. He rattled on about Rudolph Street only.

He failed entirely to address the main plea in my letter, which was to line one side of Montrose Street (the side with the narrow pavement) with no-parking signs, thus solving both the problem of blocking the pavement and obstructing traffic in the road.

At the moment, there is no warning about the illegality of parking half on the pavement, for which you are periodically fined R500, in your well-intentioned efforts to leave space for passing cars.

Mr Iversen’s lack of interest in local matters, such as this, in recent years has decided us (my husband and I) to vote for any party other than the DA in the next municipal election unless our apathetic councillor removes himself from office, or is removed.