Cops give R11 000 fines at checkpoints

Pinelands police, Traffic Services, Law Enforcement, Pinelands and Thornton Neighbourhood Watch and security companies partnered for a joint operation during which they conducted vehicle checks and a walk through the community.

Pinelands police started the new year by doing vehicle inspections on the corner of Dagbreek Road and Forest Drive in Pinelands on Friday morning, January 4.

They were assisted by members of Traffic Services, Law Enforcement, Pinelands and Thornton Neighbourhood watch and security companies.

Pinelands police station’s Captain Anton van der Berg said the main purpose of the vehicle checkpoints was to ensure that road users were still complying with the rules of the road after the festive season.

“We are checking for drunk drivers, we check for firearms, theft of motor vehicles, whether vehicles have been hijacked,” he said.

According to Captain Van der Berg, 69 people were searched and 102 vehicles were pulled over for inspection.

During the checks, fines to the value of R11 000 were issued, many of which were for unlicensed vehicles and drivers.

The police and members of the Pinelands Neighbourhood Watch also walked through the area to distribute several pamphlets to residents to make them more aware of the increase in robberies in the area.