Cooking up some fun in Kitchener Road

It was all fun and games in Kitchener Road when they hosted a street party.

Laughter, joy, fun, smiles and some great smelling foods brought Kitchener Road in Woodstock to life, when the residents decided to throw a street party.

On Sunday January 28, they brought out the chairs and their portable braais, to soak up some sun and illustrate true neighbourly love.

Imraan Abdurahman has lived in Kitchener Road nearly all his life. He said the party had brought people from all walks of life together in one space to enjoy the same thing: each other’s company.

“We are such a tight-knit community, and I think this idea just showed how much we really care for each other,” he said. “We celebrated each other’s company and enjoyed every minute of our little party in the street.”

He further encouraged other neighbourhoods to follow suit.

“Parties like these not only bring the area to life, but give you a chance to get to know the people sharing the community with you. It gives you a chance to mingle with the people you call neighbours. I really want to see this thing flourish and take off. It would be nice to see other communities also doing something similar, because it really does bring lots of joy and happiness to a community.”

Amy Liedemann isn’t from Kitchener Road, but she is always on the move around Woodstock and stumbled across the party while on her way to the shops.

“I thought something had happened in the road, as I was passing, like a film shoot or something of the sort. As I moved closer, I saw how happy these people were and how much fun the kids were having. The spirits were high; everybody was speaking to everybody, serving each other food, laughing and carrying on. It was simply amazing,” Ms Liedemann said.

“I will surely be proposing this to my neighbours.”