compostbins feb22

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cn rt compostbin 1: Noel Johannessen explains compost making to people waiting to collect their bins.

cn rt compostbin 2: The City of Cape Town offers free compost bins to local residents.

Hundreds of lucky residents joined the green movement recently when they became proud owners of compost bins. Waiting patiently in Mowbray Town Hall they filled in a form, were registered on computer and then carried away their free compost bins. Five hundred bins were handed to residents from Wednesday to February at Mowbray and Woodstock town halls. The City is  giving away compost bins in a move that is aimed at diverting organic waste from landfills.

To receive your free compost bin you need to be a homeowner but if you are a rental tenant you can request your landlord to complete an application by email at or call 0860 103 089.