Commuters take part in survey for transport plan

A pilot transfer survey was conducted at Kenilworth train station to update the Citys information on commuter behaviour.

Commuters at Kenilworth train station were part of a survey conducted by the City of Cape Town last week to record information on commuter behaviour.

They were given blue or yellow slips to tally the numbers of people who make use of the transportation system.

According to the Mayco member for transport and urban development, Brett Herron, the survey was a pilot transfer survey conducted in Kenilworth, Eersterivier and Kraaifontein to measure the number of people moving between the train station and other modes of transport.

The purpose of the transfer survey is to understand how people travel in order to inform transport planning. This is done to update the City’s transport model so that it reflects reality as closely as possible.

“The transfer survey will assist in ensuring that the types of transport passengers are transferring to are reflected accurately in the model. This information will assist us with understanding travel patterns and forms the basis for planning public transport interventions.

“The transfer surveys are not for designing particular routes currently, but ultimately an updated model results would result in planned routes and services to cater for the demand projected,” said Mr Herron.

These transport surveys will be rolled out throughout the city and surveyors will observe the travel characteristics of passengers within a public transport interchange.

The transport planner will then be able to build up a network of walking links between modes and provide a daily profile of passenger movement throughout the day.

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