Community doctor dies of Covid-19

Dr Fuad Jakoet, originally from the Bo-Kaap, lost his battle with Covid-19.

Covid-19 has claimed the life of beloved community doctor, Dr Fuad Jakoet.

The Bo-Kaap Covid-19 Response Team confirmed that Dr Jakoet passed away on Tuesday morning, June 16.

Dr Jakoet’s surgery was based in Salt River but his family hails from the Bo-Kaap where his brother, Yusuf, is also a doctor.

He was 69 years old and would have turned 70 in October.

Spokesperson for the community response team, Shafwaan Laubscher said Dr Jakoet was admitted to hospital two weeks ago with a case of pneumonia.

He was then diagnosed with Covid-19 after further testing was conducted.

Mr Laubscher described Dr Jakoet as a gentle, kind and polite person whose contribution to the community could never be measured. “I literally grew up in front of him, he was my neighbour and he was always soft-spoken and just ready to lend a hand,” he said.

He said the community has lost a giant whose work is well known in different communities.

“This is such a huge loss for the community and there won’t be anyone like him,” he said.

Condolences poured in for Dr Jakoet’s friends and family.

Kasheef Jakoet posted on Facebook: “Woken by sad news this morning of the passing of Dr Fuad Jakoet. A big loss for our families and communities. A true example of a man with an impeccable character and a huge heart , serving communities for decades.”

Sharing the sentiments, Rehana Khan Parker, posted: “Dr Jakoet passed away this morning, leaving a void in the community and he will be missed sorely in Cape Town. He was a Harold Cressy High School and UCT alumni where he excelled in achieving class medals for excellence . During his student days at UCT he was an inspiration to many during those dark days. He gave many hope during those years. He was a true community doctor who was steeped in tasawwuf. May he be granted jannah, ameen.”