Claremont police talk to creche kids about safety

Claremont police showed Lady Buxton Educare Centre staff the police car. From left are Sergeant Denver Titus, Lady Buxton teachers Felicia Prins and Tarrin Lee Canny, Lady Buxton deputy principal, Ettienne Short and Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty.

Claremont police visited Lady Buxton Educare last week to share safety tips with their young pupils.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the safety briefing, on Thursday April 15, was held outside near the playground of the Claremont-based crèche, where children sat physically distanced from each other while Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty and Sergeant Denver Titus briefed them.

Sergeant Chetty said they had not done any safety briefings at schools and crèches last year due to lockdown restrictions, but they felt it was important to resume them.

“During the lockdown period most of the children were isolated at home with their families. Now that they are back in the outside world it is important for them to receive the safety briefing,” she said.

The children were taught not to talk to or accept sweets or gift from strangers, not to get involved in bullying or stealing, and to stay away from dangerous weapons like knives and guns if ever they encounter them.

The children also received a South African Police Service colouring-in book, which teaches the children important life lessons while they are colouring in the different images on different pages.

They were taught how to remember the police the crime emergency number of 10111 and were even given a tour of the police vehicle and and a demonstration of the siren.

Sergeant Chetty shows the children the South African Police Service colouring-in book.

Teaching assistant, Michelle Sias said it was a good experience for the children. “It is important for them to know the difference between right and wrong and not to talk to strangers at all,” she says.

Ms Sias said it was also good for the children to learn that they must not be afraid of the police.

Deputy principal Ettienne Short said the briefing had been informative and helpful for the children. “They were excited to see the police and for them to hear the police siren and walk through the car was a highlight for them,” he said.

To organise a safety briefing at your school or organisation, call Sergeant Chetty on 079 894 1492 or Sergeant Titus on 079 894 1563.