Claremont pastor launches self-help book

Pastor Sandra Chetty at the launch of her book in Newlands.

A Claremont pastor has written a self-help book on overcoming rejection.

Supernatural Victory over Rejection by Sandra Chetty was launched at a Newlands restaurant on Sunday December 11.

The book draws on her own experience and carries a message of hope, offering guidance on how to overcome the pain of rejection, says Pastor Chetty.

“I share my life experience and how I was able to overcome deep rejection at many levels, which included, pain, sorrow, disappointment, heartache and trauma on an emotional, physical and psychological level and much more.”

Pastory Chetty has 24 years of experience in the ministry.

“The Holy Spirit guided and led me along as I wrote my book.The sole purpose was to get my message of hope to those who have been battling rejection and to let them know that it is possible to overcome and be healed from the deep pain and trauma of rejection.

“The key is to fight back, resist and also to walk a life of forgiveness towards those who have rejected them.”

The book will be R120 before Christmas and R150 afterwards. Email, visit or call Pastor Chetty at 084 504 4400 if you would like a copy.

The cover of Supernatural Victory over Rejection.