Claremont demolitions to make way for MyCiTi

This house on the corner of Chichester Road is one of 10 properties the City wants to demolish to make way for its MyCiTi bus service.

The City plans to demolish 10 properties between Chichester and Imam Haron roads to make way for a new MyCiTi service along the M24 in Claremont.

The City bought the properties – houses and a one-storey block of flats – with the intention of demolishing them, says mayoral committee member for urban mobility Rob Quintas.

“We need to widen the roads for the roll-out of the MyCiTi bus service to Claremont,” he said. “After the properties were transferred into the City’s name, the previous owners moved out.”

Tenants who had been leasing the properties from the City in the interim had been given notice to vacate pending council’s approval for the demolitions, he said.

There would be new dedicated bus lanes along Racecourse, Chichester and Imam Haron roads as part of the extension of the MyCiTi service between Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha and Wynberg and Claremont, Mr Quintas said.

The new MyCiTi bus service would support the transport infrastructure that was planned for the Claremont Bus Station (“Have your say on plans for Claremont Bus Station,” Southern Suburbs Tatler, October 12, 2022), he said.

The development will also include the triangular piece of empty municipal land off Chichester and Imam Haron roads, which is used as an informal parking lot by those visiting the Oblivion restaurant, Claremont Home Appliances and nearby car dealerships.

“The majority of this City-owned land will be used to accommodate the new cross section of MyCiTi service expansion which includes bus lanes, a bus stop, non-motorised transport facilities and general traffic lanes. The remainder portion will be used as a park-and-ride facility,” said Mr Quintas.

All legal street parking would be retained but it would be repositioned to accommodate the widening of the road.

“A new park-and-ride facility has been included which will accommodate 29 vehicles around the new bus stop.”

Harfield Village Association chairman James Fernie said a MyCiTi bus service would breathe new life into the community.

“We are excited about the MyCiTi development because it will uplift the area with decent good quality bus stop facilities and beautification of the trunk route along Imam Haron.

“We are pleased that the City was able to accommodate the Oblivion and Claremont Home Appliances with parking areas, as they have been in the area for many years.”

Claremont Home Appliances manager Linda Overmeyer said additional parking would benefit the business. “The bus service might also bring in more traffic and more clientele for the business.”

The manager of Oblivion was unavailable to comment.

Ward 58 councillor Katherine Christie said the development would ease congestion by getting more private vehicles off the road. “The busy Imam Haron Road is completely congested in peak-hour traffic in the morning and evening.”

Mr Quintas said those using the MyCiTi route along the M24 in Claremont would be able to avoid slow-moving traffic.

“Commuters will have the benefit of shorter travelling times as the buses will not be sharing the lane with other traffic.”

The public has until Monday February 12 to comment on the proposed demolitions. Email Brandon Booysen, the City’s project manager for transport infrastructure, at or deliver comments in writing to the 17 floor of the Civic Centre.

A dedicated bus lane is planned for Chichester Road as part of the City’s plans to expand its MyCiTi service.