Church hosts blood drive

The World Mission Society Church of God ,Western Province Blood Transfusion Service and blood donors at the blood drive at the Mowbray Town Hall.

Members of the World Mission Society Church of God ran a blood drive at the Mowbray Town Hall on Monday afternoon.

Western Province Blood Transfusion Service(WPBTS) staff drew donors’ blood and gave them snacks.

“One donation can save three lives,” said the church’s Lesley-Ann Damons.

“We pride ourselves on doing these blood drives because we know we can give back to the community.” .

More than 100 volunteers from the church’s Cape Town, Bellville and Khayelitsha branches took part in the drive. Some stood with placards in the street encouraging the public to take part, while others welcomed donors at the door, sang and danced or kept donors company as they waited their turn.

WPBTS nurse Lynn Brown worked closely with the church on the day.

“They are very cheerful and friendly and we just work around them,” she said.

The church originated in South Korea and its branches get involved in various community-service projects across Cape Town.