Choc gets water tank

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation Western Cape Regional Manager, Lynette Muthuray with actress Bonnie Mbuli.

Actress and TV personality Bonnie Mbuli won a JoJo tank in a water-saving competition and last Wednesday she donated it to the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation in Sybrand Park.

It was a competition to change toilet-flushing behaviour, with a corporate sponsor challenging four celebrities to see how long they could go without flushing the toilet, with the help of an odour-killing spray.

Ms Mbuli claimed top spot, saving 500 litres of water, while TV personality Leigh-Anne Williams came second. Comedians Rob van Vuuren and Yaaseen Barnes came in third and fourth respectively.

“I am very grateful to have been on this journey because I learnt so much more about what I can do to save water,” said Ms Mbuli.

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation Western Cape regional manager, Lynette Muthuray, said the JoJo tank couldn’t have come at a better time.

“The accommodation in Sybrand Park urgently needs a JoJo tank. We wanted to buy one but we were unable to fund it,” she said, thanking Ms Mbuli and the sponsors.