Children’s Hospital Trust CEO awarded

Chief executive officer of the South African Maritime Safety Authority Tsietsi Mokhele; CEO of the Childrens Hospital Trust for Red Cross War Memorial Childrens Hospital Louise Driver; and Chief Executive, CEO Global Annelize Wepener.

The continent’s top influential leaders came together at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Awards Ceremony on Thursday August 3 in Johannesberg where CEO of the Children’s Hospital Trust for Red Cross War Memorial children’s hospital, Louise Driver, was honoured at the event as Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Government.

The event celebrated individuals who promote critical and collaborative thinking and is part of CEO Global’s recognition programme that occurs across the continent in eight regions.

In each of these regions, country and regional winners are identified. Ms Driver who heads the Hospital Trust which advances healthcare at the Children’s Hospital, was awarded in the Welfare and Civil Society Organisations category and the Non-Profit category as a country and regional winner.

“This awards ceremony is a platform to highlight the incredible work that the Children’s Hospital Trust does and I am very privileged to be at the helm of it,” said Ms Driver.

“The work that we do contributes to ensuring children from across South Africa, and even beyond, have the opportunity to lead healthy lives so that they too can become generative individuals and strong leaders one day.

“It is an honour to be recognised for these two awards and to be named an inspiring woman in the industry,” she added.

Ms Driver, who has been in the development and corporate industry for 20 years, has steered the Trust through dozens of fundraising projects and programmes.

She has also previously won the South African Businesswomen Association Award as well as the International Fundraiser of the Year Award.