Children taught the importance of caring for animals

Inspector Eugene Links from Animal Anti-Cruelty(AACL), left, watches as Ben Hannekom, 4, pets Squirrel, their dog while AACL marketing manager, Kelly Arendse looks on.

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) visited Sunny Side Montessori school in Claremont on Friday May 7 to teach them the importance of caring for animals.

AACL marketing manager, Kelly Arendse says it is important to teach the youth the importance of animal welfare.

“We teach the kids that animals too have basic rights, we also teach them how to properly care for and protect all animals,” she says.

Ms Arendse says that teaching kids to respect our four-legged friends lays a good foundation for their relationship with animals in their later years.

Principal Caitlin Munnik says the children had an opportunity to play with the dog Squirrel who came along too, and also donated dog food, dog bowls, blankets and treats to the organisation.

Sunny Side Montessori pre-school pupils from left Harlow Knipe,5, Charlotte Crawford,5, and Liam Chalton,5, standing in front of the donations collected by the pre-school for the organisation.