Charming market waiting for your support

Tucked behind the old Rondebosch Town Hall, next to the Rondebosch Library, is a little craft market screaming out for support.

For around 30 years, the Rondebosch Village Market, where you can buy organic food items, has become the ideal meeting spot for people who prefer to eat strictly organic foods.

“We have our regulars that always come to the market on a Saturday, because they are only after organic foods,” said co-ordinator Dee Collins.

“Then we get people who are passing by, but would like to see what is on offer at our market.

“It’s really a great place for people to meet,” she said.

A range of items, from home-made organic soaps to organic foods, beaded bags, plants, bread and much more are on offer, with many of the traders using the funds they collect to support local NGOs or others organisations of their choice.

One trader selling second-hand books uses the funds raises to make up fun packs for the children at the Maitland Cottage Children’s Hospital in Newlands.

Another trader and nature conservationist, Jill Demper, has chosen to focus on environmental conservation, creating cut-outs of animals, stitching onto them little pouches, in which children can place their teeth when they fall out, and also writing her own nursery books, which are already being purchased by nursery schools around the Rondebosch and Claremont areas.

“The focus is always placed on many of the bigger animals and I decided to create these cut-outs and place emphasis on the smaller animals living in our conservation areas. What is does is, it creates awareness among the school children and everybody who supports my craft,” Ms Demper said.

“I have made very little money off this, but that is not why I am doing this. I just want to create a little awareness around the environment.”

Ms Demper said she would like to see the market being extended and more of the foot traffic from Main Road being channelled towards the market.

“The focus is more on Main Road and nobody realises that there is actually a lovely little market that is happening behind the old town hall. This market is the perfect example of supporting local traders, organic foods and some really cool initiatives,” Ms Demper said.

Ms Collins said while there were no immediate plans to extend the current market, they would like to see more people visiting one of the oldest markets around.

“We had a little gate that opened onto the market and there were many people who used the gate to pass through the market. But that gate was closed, now we just get our regulars and people who come to the library, popping in that market. We try and advertise the market as best as we could, in the hope of attracting more people,” Ms Collins said.

“There is a great camaraderie at this market and there is really a fantastic atmosphere being created.”

The market takes place every Saturday, from 8.30am and until noon.

For details, call Dee Collins on 021 696 5749 or 072 868 2322.

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