Call to be extra vigilant

Red Cross War Memorial Childrens Hospital ICU nurse Noluvuyo Matapile.

ChildSafe recommends parents and caregivers do a quick room-by-room inspection of the home to ensure each room is safe. Here are some other safety tips:

Keep kettle cords out of reach.

When cooking, keep pan handles turned away from the edge of the stove and out of reach.

Store water safely, and supervise children around water at all times.

Check for potential fall risks – such as bunk beds, windows and doors and stairs – and things that can fall on children such as furniture and TVs.

Check fire alarms.

Visit the ChildSafe website on for safety tips to prevent all common injuries in the home.

Domestic violence or violence against children can be reported to 0800 428 428 or police on 10111.

Contact the Poison Information Centre on 0861 555 777.