Bursary programme

The Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School will give prospective pupils from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to learn at their school.

Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School (RGJS) are giving two underprivileged pupils an opportunity to attend the school through their bursary programme.

Parents and guardians of future Rusty bugs pupils have until noon on Thursday April 14 to fill in their application for pupils to be part of the Grade R class of 2023.

The bursary covers school fees, uniform and stationery.

Principal Belinda Petersen says their main challenge was securing funds to make bursaries available to more potential pupils. They depend on support from private and corporate donors as well as from the Rustenburg alumni, parent-teacher association, marketing and fundraising. They also have a swap shop programme, which they started during lockdown where families are able to swap items or purchase items for a nominal amount. They can also purchase second-hand uniforms. All proceeds from the swap shop programme goes towards the bursary programme.

Another challenge, she said, was trying to reach potential candidates.

Visit the school website https://www.rgjs.co.za/bursary/ or call 021 689 1981 for more information.