Broadband for all

Dr Renee Bischoff, Pinelands

Often we complain about what the government is doing wrong, but there is an initiative where the Western Cape government (WCG) is getting it right, and it’s worth spreading the news.

Free wi-fi for the public, broadcast from various hot spots, with a wi-fi hot spot in every one of the 402 Western Cape wards is the WCG goal by the end of the 2018 financial year.

The WCG objectives linked to the Wi-Fi project include much more than just free internet access.

The plan is to integrate internet access with initiatives to promote career development and acquisition of necessary skills to run a business.

Internet learning opportunities will be available, along with online “toolkits” for the four essential pillars of business – finance, human relations, operations and sales and marketing.

Information about needed skills will be fed back to learning institutions in order to drive implementation of necessary academic programmes.

It’s really great to know when our hard-earned taxes are being put to good use. This is indeed a broadband game-changer.

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