Breast cancer survivors treated

Breast cancer survivors at CANSAs event in Mowbray.

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) Mowbray branch marked the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a party for breast cancer survivors.

The women enjoyed a morning of dancing and treats last Thursday, October 25. They also shared their stories and experiences.

Elizabeth Cupido, 86, has been cancer-free for 26 years but still uses her time to volunteer as a counsellor at Reach for Recovery, an organisation which provides emotional and practical support to breast cancer patients and their families.

Ms Cupido said her diagnoses had come as a shock to her, as no one in her family had a history of cancer.

“I was angry and questioned why it had to happen to me,” she said.

Ms Cupido said she didn’t tell her family at first and thought she could get through it without their support – but after speaking to a counsellor, she realised she would need them to help her get through the battle.

This inspired Ms Cupido to sign up as a volunteer and until today, she continues her give her time at the organisation, working at Victoria Hospital and Groote Schuur hospitals.

Elizabeth Mentor had her right breast removed in 2016, after she was diagnosed in 2015. This year she decided to go back to work, saying cancer was not a death sentence. She applauded the work done by organisations such as Cansa and Reach for Recovery, saying it had helped her during a very difficult period in her life.

“I want to encourage cancer patients and survivors to join support groups,” she said.