Break-ins on the increase

Cat burglars are on the prowl in Rondebosch.

In the past month, there has been a spate of break-ins at upper-storey flats in the neighbourhood, and police are warning residents to beef up their security.

According to Rondebosch police spokesman Warrant Officer Lyndon Sisam, the flats on higher floors are being targeted because they often don’t have burglar bars or security gates.

There were break-ins at Lulworth Mansions in St Andrews Road on Wednesday January 1, Rustenburg Square in Chester Road on Tuesday January 7, Kingsbury Close on Friday January 17 and Riebeeck Flats on Friday January 24. Entry was gained through unlocked patio doors or open windows.

“Let’s together help push back the crime by ensuring that our homes are secured and that our alarms are activated at all times,” he said.

Body corporates interested in a 10-minute safety talk can call Warrant Officer Sisam at 079 894 1446 to make an appointment for a member of Rondebosch police to attend their meetings.