Blood donors get red carpet treatment


One would not ordinarily associate a blood drive with a carnival atmosphere, but that is exactly what the World Mission Society Church of God managed to achieve in Rondebosch last week.

People from all walks of life, including office workers, police officials, store owners and students, flocked to the Fountain Centre, where cheerleaders were even on hand to greet donors with a rousing welcome as they walked a red carpet. Donors were also treated to hotdogs and beverages after giving blood.

Participants also took full advantage of a photo booth and the opportunity to pose with signs that read “I am a Hero” and “Blood is life”.

The event was attended by around 100 church members and 90 community members. Some 130 people took part in effort to give blood, with 92 being successful donors.

“Blood donation drives are important given the blood related issues that are faced on a daily basis such as different forms of cancer, accidents and much more.

The Blood Bank of South Africa faces shortages of blood. Therefore the World Mission Society Church of God participates in blood drives in collective efforts of helping and assisting the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services where it can,” said church spokesperson Kusile Kewana.

“We also carry out numerous volunteer activities such as environmental clean-ups, blood drives, homeless programmes and consolatory parties for senior citizens. We also support local events and public offices to comfort officials working for the order and safety of communities. We are active supporters of the Cape Peninsula Marathon as well as the Cape Town Cycle Tour.”

To find out more about the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services and how you can donate, call 021 507 6300, email or log on to