Beloved doctor dies of Covid-19

Ebrahim Kahn with wife Zeinab Simons Kahn.

The Bo-Kaap and Salt River communities have lost yet another doctor to Covid-19.

Dr Ebrahim Kahn, 70, died on Monday July 13.

The Bo-Kaap Community Response Team, formed at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in the country, said Dr Kahn was admitted to hospital last month and his health deteriorated after a week of being placed in the intensive care unit.

They said he was on a ventilator and other support devices
due to Covid-19 and other comorbidities.

Dr Kahn’s death follows that of another well-known doctor,
Dr Fuad Jakoet who died last month.

He was described as a gentle, kind and polite person, a warm and compassionate man who prioritised the elderly and the vulnerable and whose contribution to the community could never be measured.

Both the doctors hailed from Bo-Kaap and had surgeries in Salt River.

The Salt River Heritage Society expressed shock and sadness at the loss of yet another doctor serving the community.

“His surgery was right opposite his late colleague, Dr Jakoet’s. Dr Kahn graduated from medical school in 1974 along with his classmate, Dr Jakoet,” they said.

They said he was a humble gentleman who unselfishly served the community for more than 40 years.

“He was known for his warmth and compassion towards his patients – a sincere and committed doctor serving his patients with respect and dignity,” they said.

The society said Dr Kahn’s service to the community had touched many families, each of whom will have a special story to tell and a memory of an encounter with him. They said
he had many families treated for

“The Salt River Heritage Society and Salt River Residents’ Association pays tribute to an icon of our community whose memory will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of us all,” they said.