Awareness week

Pictured after the Monday assembly at the commencement of Mental Health Awareness Week, are: Dr Debbie James, Samantha Boting, Steve Anderson, Tess Derrick-Sleigh, Dr Emma Browde and Ivan Stark.

Westerford High School held an awareness week about mental health earlier this month, during which pupils heard from several
health-care professionals on the topic. Psychiatrists Dr Debbie James and Dr Emma Browde spoke at the Monday assembly about
mental health, and the school’s clinical social worker, Jessica Wright dealt with the issue of emotional resilience later in the day. From Tuesday to Thursday, it was the turn of experts on anxiety, substance usage and behavioural therapy: Dr Bavi Vythilingum, Dr Buncan Laurenson and behaviour therapist, Jonathan Mitchell, respectively. At the end of the week, teacher Adrian Voerman showed pupils the benefits of breathing exercises to clear body and mind.