Avantika’s sixteenth birthday gift to girls

Avantika Naidoo used her birthday to raise funds to buy sanitary pads for underprivileged girls.

Most teenagers would want to throw a big bash for their sweet 16 birthday but not Avantika Naidoo, who instead requested her family and friends to rather donate money towards her project, which buys reusable sanitary pads for underprivileged girls.

Avantika, from Rondebosch, raised enough money to buy 17 reusable sanitary pads for Kerria Primary School in Atlantis and 15 packs for St George’s Girls Home.

She wants to create awareness on the need for sanitary needs in poor communities where girls have to miss school when they have their periods. “I always read about girls who uses socks whenever they have their periods because they can’t afford to buy pads. No girl should ever go through that, that is why I see the need to buy the reusable sanitary pads for those in need,” said Avantika.