Auntie Moena gets a new wheelchair

Woodstock CPF chairperson Youssef Kanouni, Soraya Adams, Auntie Moena and councillor Sumaya Taliep.

A Woodstock woman received a boost during the Covid-19
pandemic when she received a new wheelchair on Tuesday May 5.

Auntie Moena, as she is known by all in the community, is a 65-year-old double amputee who lost her legs 20 years ago due to diabetes.

Her daughter, Soraya Adams, 40, said her mother’s old wheelchair had been giving problems.

Woodstock Community Police Forum chairperson Youssef Kanouni accompanied PR councillor Sumaya Taliep on a walk in Woodstock to identify vulnerable people in the community, and they saw that Auntie Moena needed a new wheelchair. Ms Taliep said the wheelchair came from the executive mayoral aid programme.

Mr Kanouni said he had met Auntie Moena through the William Street feeding scheme.

“This Covid-19 is bringing many challenges like loss of jobs, loss of income, so it’s all about humanity helping the next person,” he said.

Auntie Moena is staying with her daughter and two grandchildren during lockdown. Her daughter is the main breadwinner and works from home in the call-centre industry.

She thanked Ms Taliep and said she loved Ms Kanouni for what he had done for her. “He is like a son,” she said.