Attempted robbery spurs safety workshop

Claremont polices Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty.

About 50 Harfield Village nannies attended a safety-awareness workshop last week, following a recent attempted robbery in the area.

Harfield Village Community Improvement District (HVCID) and Claremont police held the workshop at the Surrey Park as part of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children Campaign.

HVCID manager Jenni Coleman said they had held a similar workshop last year but had involved the police this year after the attempted robbery had spooked parents.

A man tried to grab a nanny’s cellphone in Purley Park on Tuesday October 12, according to Claremont police station commander Colonel Maree Louw.

“He thought she had thrown the cellphone in the child’s pram and start searching it and in doing so he grabbed the child and turned the pram over.

“The suspect was arrested after a case was opened for robbery and assault on the minor,” said Colonel Louw.

At the workshop, Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty said she admired nannies, as they were acting as second mothers to someone else’s child, while still caring for their own.

Nannies played an important role, taking children out to the parks and to play dates and fetching them from school or creche.

“Child-carers are often seen walking around with strollers and it is very important that they remain vigilant at all times.”

Nannies should be aware of their surroundings at all times and should not walk around with earphones when outside with the children, she said.

They should take note of suspicious vehicles or people in the area and not to simply open the gate or door for strangers.

Ms Coleman said the nannies were a very important part of the Harfield Village community.

“Many child-carers travel long
distances to work often leaving and arriving home late and after dark,” she said.

“It is so important to ensure that the women in charge of looking after our kids are provided with information and tools to keep themselves and the children safe.”