Artwork in Salt River educates community about water

The female child in the tub as part of the artwork symbolises a sense of calmness while being submerged into a full tub of water also representing the importance of water

A new artwork painted in Shelley Road, Salt River, emphasises the importance of water and serves as a reminder to the community to think wisely about how they use every drop.

Zizo Manona painted the mural for the International Public Art Festival (IPAF), which had a theme focusing on creativity, sustainability and safety.

The artwork was merged with both photography and graphic design.

Ms Manona said she started drawing at a young age.

“My artwork draws parallels on the importance of water to each and every community regardless of religion, race or creed. I went about deducing these parallels through direct engagement with the community of Salt River. This meant a lot of time was spent interviewing community members on the importance of water and what it means to each and everyone of them.”

Ms Manona said one point that she kept on coming across was the vigorous role water played in their lives, particularly due to the religious beliefs and cultural outings including before one eats, before one enters a mosque and the continuous washing of hands.

“The artwork in its entirety took about four days to complete. One has a responsibility to make socially conscious art and I did not want to offend or misrepresent anyone at the same time,” she said.

The artwork with the girl in the tub is expected to symbolise a sense of calmness while being submerged into a full tub of water due to the significance water plays in people’s lives.

Ms Manona said: “The child symbolises the connection man has with water, regardless of religion, race and creed. Water plays a vital role in everyone’s daily lives, I wanted to remind people of that. At the core, we’re all human beings, who share a lot of similarities by virtue of certain rituals and their sentimental value. We also all deserve the same opportunities and a better standard of life.”

She said it is hoped that every time the community walks past the mural, they are reminded of themselves, their culture and the beautiful ways in which water impacts their lives.

Ms Manona said that her time in Salt River has taught her the importance of honouring ones culture. One should not forget their roots and stay true to themselves in a fast evolving world.

”I decided to pay homage to the community of Salt River by addling calligraphy in Arabic, the scripture goes as following “Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation” from Isaiah 12:3-5. Pictured on the artwork, you will find that on the middle section,” she said.