Artist gives audience a look into his life

Griffin Delport

Up-and-coming hip hop artist Griffin Delport, from Woodstock, is looking to make his mark on the local music scene with the release of his first solo album.

Griffin, 23, released Overdue at the beginning of the month.

It was self-produced in his independent recording studio, Wolfstock Records, which was formed two years ago.

The seven-track album, says Griffin, gives listeners a glimpse into his life.

“I speak about friends, family, government and how my life went from primary school to high school to my workplace, and how I went from daydreaming about rapping to doing it.”

Griffin, who goes by his stage name, Gee, has been interested in hip-hop from a young age.

His inspiration came as much from Lil Wayne and Tupac as it did from locals like YoungstaCPT and Brasse Vannie Kaap.

While at Queens Park High in Woodstock, he was part of Re-illest, a hip hop group of five boys, including his older brother, Devon Delport, aka Dee-Admiral.

Griffin promotes his music on social media, using footage of himself performing songs in his Woodstock studio.

He has performed at Trenchtown in Observatory and Casa Nostra in Sea Point and is looking to perform at bigger venues.

“As we are on lockdown I can’t really perform anywhere to promote my album, though as soon as lockdown finishes I would like to perform in as many places as possible.”

Griffin says he is committed to helping other artists who can’t afford studio time to produce their music.

The studio he has at his parents’ home is kitted out with gear he bought with money earned from his day job analysing football and basketball games.

“I can’t do this work during the coronavirus pandemic as there is no sport happening at the moment.”

But while lockdown has him kicking his heels as a sports analyst, it has given him a chance to work on his music.

“I like making music; it comes naturally to me,” he says.