Armed robbery thwarted at Food Lover’s Market

This gun was found near the store after the attempted armed robbery.

Shots were fired – and R50 000 recovered – as an armed robbery at Food Lover’s Market at Access Park was foiled earlier this month.

Police said three armed men had entered the store, pretending to be customers. Shortly afterward, an employee had heard a woman screaming and then seen one of the men pointing a gun at her, threatening to shoot.

He then demanded that staff go into the fridge, said Colonel Maree Louw, of Claremont SAPS.

A quick-thinking security guard notified armed response and the police when he saw customers and staff running from the store.

“As (the Access Park security guard) reached for his two-way radio, two (men) grabbed the radio and him.

“He managed to break free, and the suspects then accompanied the other suspects in the store.

“The security guard then contacted his colleague who had the company cellphone with emergency numbers, (and instructed) him to contact SAPS as there was an armed robbery in progress,” said Access Park security manager Bilal Sheik.

According to Mr Sheik, SAPS arrived as the robbers were leaving the supermarket.

The robbers opened fire on the police officers, who shot back at them.

According to Claremont SAPS, they arrested one of the robbers, but the other two escaped.

They also recovered a firearm and R50 000 which had been taken from the store.

Food Lover’s Market assistant manager France Leteba said most of the workers who had been there during the armed robbery were still in shock, but had received counselling.

Colonel Louw urged businesses to be on high alert, as there had been an increase in this kind of crime, and educate security staff to take down licence plate numbers and get basic descriptions of suspects.

Claremont SAPS has also advised customers to co-operate with robbers – particularly if they are armed.

The suspect appeared in Wynberg Magistrate’s Court last Monday and is still in custody.